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Meet Trá R. Harriott

October 19, 2022

"I’ve been in entrepreneurship for 5 years now and I’ve decided to take the next step and add “coach” to my list of titles! My coaching journey begins in 2020 when I noticed that the way my brain was functioning was not my normal. Every day tasks were hard to initiate let alone complete. It would take me days to do something that would normally take minutes; hours at the max. There were periods I would space out at random, couldn’t stay focused or organized, and many projects I started I ended up abandoning, I could have a conversation with someone and completely forget what the person just said even though I was listening, becoming clumsy and randomly bumping into inanimate objects, etc. It was completely wild.

When it came to my businesses, I began to struggle doing things that weren’t giving me trouble before. I took a step back from my businesses and school to take a break and find some new inspiration and refresh my ideas. In that time, I came across a diagram on social media illustrating what people think ADHD is, versus what it actually is. At that moment, a light bulb went off because every symptom it listed was accurate for me. I immediately asked my therapist for an ADHD assessment and once it was determined that I did in fact have it, I decided to get a specialist to specifically help me manage the ADHD.

Then I realized that no matter the advice that business coaches and other entrepreneurs gave, it wouldn’t work for me. The biggest obstacle about ADHD for me is the executive dysfunction. There wasn’t any business coaches that could give management or operation advice that was compatible with a neurodivergent mind. To do lists, journals, notepads, etc. are practically obsolete. So I decided to become a life & business coach and in early 2022, I became a Certified Professional Life and Certified Business & Entrepreneurship Coach. Since then, I have started my company, Grow & Glow Coaching Services to assist other ADHD entrepreneurs in starting and maintaining their businesses. Giving them resources and tools that can actually work for them and their business. Also, to better understand ADHD, how it affects entrepreneurship, and offer solutions to presented difficulties. It’s the most personal project I’ve done and I’m really excited about what’s to come."