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About Grow & Glow

Personalized Coaching for Entrepreneurs w/ADHD

Grow & Glow Coaching Services provides a unique mix of services to assist individuals with ADHD to start and manage their entrepreneurial journey. As someone who has ADHD, Trá understands that starting and managing a business with a mental disorder with executive dysfunction can be challenging.

Grow & Glow Coaching Services was founded and created in 2022 by Trá R. Harriott. As an entrepreneur with ADHD, Trá experienced first hand how operating and managing a business with a neurodivergent mental disorder can be tedious, frustrating, time consuming, monetarily wasteful, and mentally challenging. Our needs and challenges are a bit different than those who are neurotypical. Therefore, many business and entrepreneurship consults, advice, resources, and assistance tips may not always work for us, and in fact, may work against us.

Why choose Grow & Glow Coaching Services? Simple. If you're a business owner with ADHD, then Grow & Glow Coaching Services is for you. Our program is tailored to fit the needs of individuals who have difficulty concentrating, maintaining interest, staying on task, easily distracted, and doing tedious work. Having a mental disorder shouldn't deter you from starting your business. We help you get started, stay on task, and continue to manage operations throughout your journey.

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